Brand: Papi Cannabis

Papi Moonshot Vape Lime Sorbet

Indica Hybrid

Lime Sorbet | Vape Cartridge

by Papi Moonshot

Swing for the fences with Papi’s new premium line of distillate vape cartridges, Moonshot! As you’d expect, these vapes pack a punch of Papi flair and flavor to create the perfect effect. Immerse yourself in Caribbean terpene-rich flavors and get ready for some Tropical transcendence. Whether you’re winding up, winding down or simply going with the flow, Papi’s got you covered.








About the brand :
Papi Cannabis

"Flower has power. I work with my partners to carefully select flower that will produce the potency and effect that I have always been expected to deliver. I always keep Papi pre-rolled blunts on hand to get me through my day and I am proud to share them with you." - David Ortiz aka Big Papi

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