Brand: ZZZ's Rolling Paper Co.

O'Day Rolling Papers | 1 1/4" Papers + Tips

The paintings are a love letter to working as an artist in Allston/Boston, being as I lived there for almost a decade of my life, pretty much all of my twenties. It's where I had my first little art studio. It's where I worked so many jobs. It's where I met my wife and started to legitimize my art career. And I began to think, what would tell this story better than Picasso's Guernica. It's been said to be the best large painting/mural of all time. I love how the cubism effect lets me weave a lot of narratives. It feels like pop surrealism mixed with cubism without even referencing any pop culture or branding. You can start to see characters working, living, exploring in the vast rainbows and imagery. There's a conceptual self-portrait in there, dreaming about diamonds and swimming pools. The point is Allston is a utopian landscape for creatives and individuals.

- 100% Pure Organic Hemp Paper, unbleached, free of harmful chemicals for a cleaner burn. Made in France.

-Our Magnetic maxi pack provides magnetic closure, so your papers always stay tucked on-the-go

- 1 1/4 Size: 32 leaves per booklet and 32 printed & perforated tips; 20 booklets per box

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