Brand: Nature's Heritage

Nature's Heritage Infused Bubble Hash & Rosin PreRoll (1.3g) Double Krush


Classification: Hybrid

Lineage: Chemdog 91 BBX2 x Chem Krush (SFV BX2 x Chemdog 91)

?Aroma: Sweet and Smokey Fuel, Hash, Pine

Flavor Notes: Pine, Diesel, Creamy, Chemically

Reported Effects: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Euphoria, Unwinding

Description: Immerse yourself in the rich and balanced experience offered by the Double Krush Bubble Hash & Rosin Infused Pre-roll from Nature’s Heritage. This stellar concoction, crafted with a perfect blend of 75% cured flower and 25% solventless bubble hash, is a testament to a heightened potency and enhanced flavor that awaits your senses?4?. The lineage of Chemdog 91 BBX2 x Chem Krush boasts a fusion of flavors, harmonizing the earthly pine with a creamy, chemical undertone, culminating in a diesel finish that lingers delightfully. Each whiff is an aromatic journey - the sweet and smokey fuel intermingles with hash and pine, evoking a rustic yet refined essence.



About the brand :
Nature's Heritage

Mother Nature gave us cannabis, the most important plant on earth…and we give you the truest way to enjoy it. Nature's Heritage premium-quality cannabis products feature genetically-pure, validated strains, grown indoors and held to the highest standards. They prioritize the plant’s integrity at every turn, fine tuning their methods for the optimization and preservation of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that contribute to a cannabis plant’s full potential.

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