Brand: ZZZ's Rolling Paper Co.

Molloy Rolling Papers | King Size Slim + Tips

The First Drop of our 2022 collection features artist Tim Molloy, a renowned illustrator and comic artist from Melbourne, Australia. Molloy's work is characterized as "ridiculous apocalyptic psychedelic art." He uses surrealist techniques, symbolist ideas, synchronicity and dreams to construct his stories.

For this collaboration, Molloy depicts a mythical, stoned sloth having a relaxing and revelatory experience in a psychedelic cactus garden.

- 100% Pure Organic Hemp Paper, unbleached, free of harmful chemicals for a cleaner burn. Made in France.

-Our Magnetic maxi pack provides magnetic closure, so your papers always stay tucked on-the-go

- King Size Slim: 32 leaves per booklet and 32 printed & perforated tips; 20 booklets per box

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