Brand: Good Feels

Good Nights Sleep Drops (300mg) Lemon Chamomile - 100mg THC / 100mg CBD / 100mg CBN


Good Nights Sleep Drops are designed to fit into your nighttime routine. We recommend that the Sleep Drops be taken before bed in 2oz of water, tea, etc., or to be taken sublingually if preferred.

Each bottle contains 100mg THC, 100mg CBD, and 100mg CBN. There are twenty full servings, each consisting of the blend: 5mg THC, 5mg CBD, 5mg CBN.

Just like the Good Feels Beverage Enhancers, the Good Nights Sleep Drops have a rapid onset time and can be added to any beverage of choice.


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CBN (Cannabinol) 300
CBN (Cannabinol)-300

About the brand :
Good Feels

Have you ever had this lightbulb moment after a night out? "Drinking just doesn't feel good anymore" Ya... Good Feels' too. Thats why they've created deliciously satisfying cannabis-infused seltzers and beverage enhancers. With no alcohol and all the flavor of a deliciously carbonated seltzer, Good Feels' infused beverages - made with pure cannabis extractions - provide a balance of CBD and THC in a crisp sparkling beverage. Have you ever wished you could make a regular beverage into a cannabis-infused beverage? Now you can with just a few drops of the Good Feels Beverage Enhancer. This on-the-go option makes every drink a Good Feels drink. Perfect for micro-dosing, the Beverage Enhancers are fast-acting, has a clean consistent taste, and make it easy to control your desired experience. *Zero Sugar *Zero Calorie *Fast Acting *Easy Dosing *No Hangover A better alternative to drinking & smoking, helping you to become a better you. Explore Good Feels line of cannabis-infused seltzers and beverage enhancer drink drops in the state of Massachusetts and keep an eye out for seasonal limited-time flavors.

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