Brand: Cheech & Chong's

Cheech & Chong’s x Pulsar APX Pro Vape Dry Herb Vaporizer - 2100mAh / Icons


The APX Pro Vape has a temperature range of 320-430 degrees Fahrenheit that is adjustable in 1 degree increments. Burn low and slow for optimum flavor, higher temps for heady vapor clouds, or anywhere in between so you can fully enjoy the complexities each strain has to offer. When powering back on, the APX Pro Vape returns to the last set temperature, so you pick up right where you left off.

The APX Pro Vape also has the fan-favorite Cash Mode from previous models. Engaged by holding down the power button during a sesh, Cash Mode raises the chamber temperature by 20 degrees for a super-charged hit. If you're looking for a little extra oomph or just want to make sure all herb has been expended, this feature is quite handy! Also included is the onboard stir stick with a tamping end to neatly pack the chamber for even heat distribution, conveniently stowing away in the bottom of the device.

An adjustable session timer allows you to select from 5 presets ranging from 3-5 minutes, long enough for multiple tokes and passing around. This device will power off once the timer runs out, so you don't have to worry about overheating or just plain forgetting. The upgraded battery capacity of this model has enough juice to power you through 1.5 combined hours of vaping. That's about 18-30+ sessions, depending on how the session timer is set! Haptic feedback will let you know when your device has reached the set temperature and when the session has ended for added peace of mind.

The APX Pro Vape is simple to use and easy to clean. Just tap out spent material and use the included cleaning brush to sweep remaining debris from the chamber. For any additional cleaning, cotton swabs with isopropyl alcohol will clear any residue from the chamber, screen, and ceramic airpath.

About the brand :
Cheech & Chong's

Providing Access to the Plant for Bowlmates around the globe. Simple as that, man.

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